Why advertising on the Internet?

-  It is the media with bigger growing

-  It is the most effective advertising

-  It is the most consulted media by travelers and tourists

-  It is the biggest source of information in the world


Why choose playamontezuma.net to advertise your product?

- because we are very well positioned with the mayor search engines using multiple keywords since many years, 2000.

- check below our stats report for November 1st to November 27th, 2013, the avarage is 266 visits per day which means 266 potential buyers/clients

Advertising options and prices:

- ad in the horizontal bar including picture and text + link to personal contact or website $200/year

- vacation rental ad in our "houses for rent" listing with photo gallery, text + link to personal contact or website $250/year

- free vacation rental ad with photo gallery and text. Link to our contact.
15% to 20% commission on rentals.

- mini website accessible from the main navigational tool bar. Original design, pictures and text + link to personal contacts US$300/year

- free ad in our real estate listing page (5% commission on sales)

- link to your personal website US$150/year

If you are a home owner and need property management don't hesitate to contact us!

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