Real estate in Montezuma

Playa is a genuine window on the real estate market in Montezuma, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa! Our up-to-date real estate listing is online since 2000 and offers many interesting real estate opportunities: beautiful beach front and mountain homes, gorgeous villas, ocean view lots, farms, forest land and turn-key deals. Browse our listings organized in the following categories: land/farm, lots, houses and commercials.

Our office is located in Cobano, called Imago Design, blue building 50 metres from the bank. We can speak fluent English, Italian and Spanish. Our capacity to communicate with locals owners in their own language makes things easier!

Our goal is to make everybody happy, listen carefully to what the people are looking for, try to find the right property at the right price and mediate between the parties involved.

We support our clients through all the phases of the real estate transaction, from the down payment to the closing. Having a good experience with the legal aspects and the construction process we can offer also our services as Project and Property Manager.

We like to bring people around the area to give an idea of the business possibilities and the community life style! We guarantee that buying land here in Costa Rica can be a very enjoyable experience!


Why to invest in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is an international hot spot. As more and more people discover the beauty and temptation of the "Pura Vida" lifestyle, the more they want to become a part of it.

Columbus called Costa Rica the "Rich Coast" upon his discovery in 1502. Rich in beauty, rich in ecology and rich in flora and fauna with thousands of species of plants, animals, birds and insects that live in magnificent and sometimes mysterious Central American tropical forests.

Some call Costa Rica the "Switzerland of the Americas", others call it "Paradise on Earth". Because Not only is Costa Rica an amazingly beautiful country with a pronounced biodiversity, but it is also a country that can be considered to be one of the more secure places to invest in Latin America.

The Republic of Costa Rica boasts a stable democratic government, one of the oldest democracies in the Americas with an open arms policy towards foreign investors.

If you're looking for peace and tranquility with natural unspoiled beauty, a place the world has left behind, look no further than Montezuma Costa Rica.


Live the Longest, happiest and healthiest life in Nicoya, Costa Rica! say scientists after a 9 month study of centurians in the area, The Blue Zone Quest revealed that lifestyle, climate, foods and family make the difference for those that live to be over 100 years old.

For the 75,000 or so people who live here, life proceeds much the way as it has for hundreds of years. Nicoyans make their living as small farmers, laborers or sabaneros -- cowboys who work the area's huge cattle ranches. Judging by the dusty villages where neighbors hang out on porches, or the rural homes where women still cook on ancient wood-burning stoves, you'd never guess that the Nicoya is the longest-life place in the Americas. Anyway you dont need to be a local to feel this quality life, being a resident here you will enjoy life without stress, pure air and healthy organic food from your own garden or the farmers market every saturday in Montezuma and Santa Teresa and every Monday in Cobano. This is an unique place where to forget about the rush of modern life and go back to the essential values, and most of all be one within nature.

If all this is not enough invitation to invest and live in Costa Rica, here is a small list of important facts:

  • Political stability.
  • Peace and democracy.
  • No army.
  • Fiscal incentives and cheap taxes
  • Regional incentives.
  • Low cost of living and highly qualified labor force.
  • Streamlined real estate investment procedures.
  • Simple and streamlined import and export procedures.
  • Excellent and cheap electricity, water, telecommunications, insurance, banking and health services.
  • Infrastructure suited to export and tourism needs.
  • Excellent Costa Rica weather and geographic location.
  • Protected national parks and reserves with great variety of flora and fauna.
  • Special immigration status for investors, executives, technicians and their families.
  • International prestige and recognition of Costa Rican products and Costa Rica quality as tourist destination.
  • Open support to private development initiatives that promote employment, technology transfer, national income, social and economic development and the preservation of the environment.


Carla Montevecchi
Social Ciencies, PHD
University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
Belen Garcia
Graphic Designer, PHD
University Nacional de Cuyo
Mendoza, Argentina

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