Montezuma waterfalls
Following the road south from Montezuma, you will come to a bridge (in front of Hotel Amor de Mar). Turn right and follow the path upriver (about 20 minutes) to a huge and dramatic waterfall. There is a beautiful and refreshing pool to swim in surrounded by jungle. There is also a second set of falls (which some visitors consider to be even prettier) found up above the first fall. This is a great combination of jungle canopy overhanging natural jacuzzis. Monkey families and colorful birds are often seen while their music accompanies you along the way. A simply sensational and spectacular adventure!!

Rio Lajas waterfalls
By following the volcanic rocks of Rio Lajas upriver, you will experience an unforgettable trip from the sea up to the mountains. You may even have a special encounter with birds and mammals in the refreshing natural pools.


Hiking along seven tropical beaches (north of Montezuma), you will reach a spectacular waterfall that flows off a cliff into the ocean. At low tide you can swim in a beautiful and naturally refreshing pool, a mixture of salt and fresh water. The hike is approximately 2 hours long. This exquisitely adventurous walk is also a horseback ride, which is available at low tide during the day and at night when the moon is full.

"Florida waterfalls " de Cobano
A few km outside of Cobano (on the way to playa Tambor), you can stop at the refreshing natural pools and waterfalls. Most of the time is very quite because it is not very well known by tourists. Stop on the main road at the livestock corral where there is a sign that says “entrada a la cascada”. Go across the street to the house in front where you pay an entrance fee of 500-1000 colones. This is also one of the best horseback trips you can take! Book with “Indiana Horseback Riding Tours” out of Montezuma (through Zuma Tours). These horses are really well cared for and a lot of fun to ride. Don't forget to do the rope swing while you are there!