Beaches closed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has 882 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders, as of 5/19/2020.

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • Until June 15, only Costa Rican citizens, Costa Rican residents who departed Costa Rica PRIOR to March 24, those whose residency is in process who departed Costa Rica PRIOR to March 24, minor children of Costa Rican citizens, and foreign diplomats will be able to enter Costa Rica. This restriction applies to land, sea, and air arrivals. Air crews will not be subject to this restriction.

  • Any foreigners resident in Costa Rica who left Costa Rica on March 24 or later – or who will leave shortly – automatically lose their status as legal residents and thus are unable to re-enter under the current restrictions, but they will not have to begin the residency process again.

  • Tourist stays in Costa Rica are normally limited to 90 days, but under the current COVID border restrictions, any foreigner who entered Costa Rica after December 17, 2019 for tourism purposes has been granted an extension of stay until July 17, 2020.

  • Driving privileges for tourists who entered Costa Rica after December 17 have also been extended until July 17.

  • Management of both airports that receive international flights (San Jose and Liberia) have protocols in place in order to deal with suspected COVID-19 cases.

  • Puerto Caldera, the main commercial port on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, has also established o protocol for suspected COVID-19 cases

Quarantine Information:

  • Anyone arriving in Costa Rica from another country must self-quarantine for 14 days.  Arrivals are also being tested at port of entry for COVID-19.

  • While Costa Rica has ongoing vehicular and sanitary restrictions, it is beginning to loosen those restrictions beginning on May 16th as part of a gradual reopening. There is still a complete vehicular restriction from 10 pm to 5 am and partial restrictions on the weekend.

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