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montezuma wildlife, costa rica
montezuma beach costa rica
montezuma beach
montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica

In many ways Montezuma feels like the end of the line. This charming little village is nestled on the eastern shore of Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, down dusty roads that lead to ridges covered with tropical dry forests and contrasting green terraces etched out by rivers and tides. Unlike many other parts of Costa Rica, Montezuma has been largely untouched by commercial development and is therefore a beach lover's paradise. Dramatically located at the bottom of a plateau overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Montezuma has an enticing quality that goes far beyond its spectacular setting: a strong emphasis on an eco-conscience mindset while maintaining a laid back lifestyle.

The town is still very small, on a slim piece of land at the bottom of the hill. The center is a T-shaped road with shops, tour agencies, grocery stores and restaurants.

On the south side there is a small beach where the boats leave for Jacó or the daily excursions to Tortuga Island. On the north side of the village you will find the main beach of Montezuma, and afer a nice walk along the shore and through trails in the jungle, it is Playa Piedra Colorada, well known for the river that meets the ocean, blending the hot, salty water with the fresh and sweet water in an amazing pool where it is truly a pleasure to swim. Perfect for kids. Further walk will take you to Playa Grande.

Only 10 minutes walking south from Montezuma along the coast towards Cabuya, is Playa Las Manchas
is a small, white, sandy beach with turquoise water that looks like a typical Caribbean beach. It is great for swimming and snorkeling. A little further south its Playa Los Cedros a beautiful long and sandy beach that changes appearance depending on the tide. It is a great point break surf destination and home of the annual surf competition in the end of Augost.

montezuma waterfall, costa rica
montezuma costa rica tours

This is a great combination of jungle canopy overhanging natural jacuzzis. Monkey families and colorful birds are often seen while their music accompanies you along the way. A simply sensational and spectacular adventure!! The first waterfall is 15 metres tall and has a beautiful and refreshing pool to swim in surrounded by jungle. There is also a second set of falls (which some visitors consider to be even prettier) found up above the first fall.

restaurants montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica tours

The town hosts a variety of local sodas offering typical Costa Rican food and also many international style restaurants such as "The bakery", on the way to the main beach, "Café Organico", for vegetarians and live music lovers, the very popular restaurant "Cocolores" located in the centre oceanside. At the main corner is "Chelo Pizzeria" and ”Puggo's” with typical dishes from Israel, "Natsu" for sushi and "Mochas Munchi" for fresh fish and meat BBQ.

"Playa de Los Artistas", located right on the beach, offers Mediterranean cuisine and is probably the best restaurant in the area. Fresh ingredients, art pieces, paintings, great music and an amazing atmosphere right on the ocean are the ingredients of this perfect meal.

montezuma costa rica horsebackrides on the beach and to the waterfalls
montezuma costa rica

Long, wild  and extremely peaceful beach. It takes about half an hour to reach Playa Grande walking along the ocean. It is a perfect spot to learn how to surf and also the best destination for horseback riding lovers. Every January local artists gather in the beach to create the "Chunches del Mar" art exhibition: food, music and art.

totuga land, montezum costa ri
montezuma costa rica

is the best known island in the area, which is actually two uninhabitated islands about five km southwest of islas Negritos. There are beautiful beaches for snorkeling and swimming. Brightly colored tropical fish, snapper, tuna, grouper, mackerel, shark, barracuda, manta rays, porcupine fish, sea urchins and other marine species are often viewed in this area. The island can be reached by daily boat tours from Montezuma: amazing snorkeling, BBQ fish and lots of fun!

yoga in montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica

If you are looking for rejuvenation, relaxation or fitness in a tropical environment, Montezuma has become one of the worlds well known destination for yoga retreats, classes and yoga teacher training. There are few teacher training programs running regulary and a great offer of classes, healling and spa treatments.

cao blanco park, montezuma, costa rica
montezuma costa rica

It occupies the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and is the home to many rare and threatened species, including curassow, crested guan, brocket deer and jaguarundi, along with more common species such as white-faced and howler monkeys, raccoons and kinkajous. There are excellent tide pools along the coast and Isla Cabo Blanco is and important seabird breeding site.
Cabo Blanco owes its existence as a protected area to Olaf and Karen Wessberg, who moved from their native Sweden to a small ranch on the peninsula in 1955. Not long after arriving the Wessbergs discovered that the last of Nicoya's once magnificent forest were in danger of distruction from rapidly expanding agricultural settlment and lumbering. They set about collecting the funds necessary to purchase the last large stand of forest, and in 1963 they bought the land that now comprises the Reserve. Thus it is the oldest protected area in Costa Rica. Until the late 1980s Cabo Blanco was called an "absolute" reserve because no visitors were permitted. Now there are trails and visits are allowed. Park directors have closed the reserve on Monday and Tuesday to minimize tourist impact.

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