montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica
montezuma costa rica

There are many different beaches, little villages and tropical attactions around Montezuma to explore. It's recommendable to drive a 4x4 car as most of the roads are still dirt.

The area is still remote and undeveloped. The pot-holed, dirt roads become very muddy in the rainy season and dusty, like powder, in the dry season. The area is very spread out so transportation is a must. Most locals get around on four wheelers and motorcycles. The majority of these have surf racks on them and it would be an odd day to travel the area without seeing someone with a surfboard heading to the nearby breaks.


The happy town of Cobano is located in the hearth of the southern Nicoya Peninsula. All the roads that bring the tourists to the beaches around the tip of the Peninsula go through Cobano center. Despite being a small town, it has all the important services. The Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, where to change dollars or get cash also there is an ATM machine. The bank is open from 8.30 am to 3.45pm.

There are two gasoline stations just before coming into Cobano. They both offer car wash and tire repair services.

The police office is located on right at the entrance of Cobano. The post office is on the back road from the Bank.

Cobano is the best and convenient spot to buy groceries. There are several supermarkets, a french bakery and a couple of butcheries.


Mal Pais is known for its incredible beauty: white sand coves, breathless sunsets over the ocean, rocky outcroppings, steep jungle-covered hills and forests teeming with animals, birds, and insects. While is still a remote fishing village, it also is known for modern day luxuries. Many excellent hotels and luxury houses have been built in recent years, and there are many delicious restaurants, with cuisine from around the world.


Santa Teresa, stretched over 5 kilometres (3 mi) and is the most popular place for surf. The long coast along the town from south to north shows different breaks and a constant swell all year. Many hotels and surf instructors offer their surfing-related services. Booking accomodations in advance is recommended specially from Dec to May. Surfing conditions are generally best during mid to high tides. Santa Teresa has also become known for its many excellent restaurants.

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