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What to wait when moving to Costa Rica

If you follow your heart and decide to live in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, there are many things that maybe you never think it will take so long. Don't get stress ! there are not big problems and everything is simple, just need a little adjust to the Pura Vida life style and timing.

Paperwork, bank lines, technicians, and even your food in a restaurant take more time to be ready or done, here that in your original country. The best attitude is smile and take a deep breath, it will not be finish earlier anyway. Actually this sense of no rush and enjoy the process, not just the result, was what bring you here.

Ticos are never in a hurry just learn from them that life is to enjoy and not complain for their lack of punctuality. "Tico time" is usually around 1 hour later, so if the electrician said he will be at your building site at 8 am, he will provably arrive around 9, take an extra cup of tea, review the list of works you need to ask him, and enjoy the morning singing birds meanwhile. Welcome to Costa Rica.

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